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Employee Spotlight: Jan Klos

by René Ceelen, on March 8, 2022

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We wanted to take a moment to introduce another TestMonitor family member and share their background, journey to their current role, and perspective on the exciting things that lie ahead.

“I’m not working with a company, I’m working with a family.”

This sentiment from Jan Klos, Customer Success Manager, sums up how this nearly five-year veteran approaches his work at TestMonitor.

Jan’s Journey to TestMonitor

Four and a half years ago, Jan sat down for coffee with René Ceelen, founder of TestMonitor and his colleague from a previous successful engagement. Jan worked as a software implementation consultant while René and his team supported the project’s testing efforts.

After realizing they shared interests and similar perspectives about helping customers achieve more in their software implementations, Jan officially came on board at TestMonitor as a test consultant in August 2017.

In the years before this meeting, Jan had entered the technology field without any formal training. However, his knack for helping customers find the right solutions, translating their requirements to actions, and guiding them on new trajectories let him know he had entered the right field. 

At TestMonitor, Jan’s role quickly grew and expanded. At first, he focused on sales, but then evolved into managing every facet of the company’s customer success program.

What Jan Loves About TestMonitor

TestMonitor’s philosophy of “putting people first” helps each TestMonitor employee find the approach that works best for them and their customers.

For Jan, this means having a solid work-life balance, allowing him to spend time with his family (especially his two young kids), hang out with friends, and watch and play sports. You will likely find him cheering for the Netherlands, no matter the sport.

TestMonitor also views their customers not as accounts or numbers, but as partners. Jan likes that the TestMonitor team feels invested in their customers’ success.

Jan believes that the value of this approach and their product’s growth speaks for itself. TestMonitor is now in more than 25 countries and continues to expand each month.

“It’s been an incredible journey to see TestMonitor grow from a consulting company to a global leader in software testing.”

What’s Next for TestMonitor?

One exciting new development for TestMonitor is the early 2022 launch of the Partner Portal and Partner Program. Together, these offerings ensure that TestMonitor’s community members have easy access to the support, training, and tools they need to help their clients.

Jan and his team play a key role in building out TestMonitor’s network of partners, serving as the liaisons between TestMonitor and potential partners and guiding the strategy for the overall program.

“TestMonitor still has a lot of opportunity to grow and support clients all around the world,” notes Jan, “We still have a lot of market to grow into.”

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